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Art Display and Show Booths

Published on: 2007-02-23

Displaying your art effectively and adding booth enhancements are key elements in helping you sell your art. You need to consider crowd traffic, sunlight direction, and access to the artwork within your booth. Over sized and colorful booths can be effective at attracting people but may not be worth the extra time in setup and may distract from the artwork. Booth backdrops, props, and table displays can create atmosphere and a theme for displaying your artwork.

Consider placing graphics or art on the outside of the booth as well. In some cases your booth might be in a middle row and you may be able to open the back wall of your booth. This can give you better light and more visibility for a second opportunity to sell. It may mean that you display less but sell more because your art will be seen at different angles and the pieces can be seen up close. If the show does not supply you a booth you may have to bring your own.

Before spending money on a booth, you can rent one for each show. There are people and organizations who can supply the booth and set it up for you. If you decide to purchase your own booth, it is well worth the money to invest in a well-made one. The cheap ones tend to be less stable and fall apart quickly and then you will have to buy a good quality one anyway.

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