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Becoming a successful artist - 2 -

Published on: 2007-06-11

Becoming a successful artist -  2 - 

"Its not about the technology - Its about the people"

Artists as a group are about the least interested in integrating new technology into what they do. Computers, software, cell phones, digital cameras are all fine and good, but do they really help you paint better? Yes there is a whole school of artists that create art about and with Technology, but they are far from the majority.

The web has surely helped distribute your works all over the world, but yours along with all those other artists...more exposure equals more competition as well as less impact. The web also strips your work down to its basic image and puts all work at the same scale. The web makes it easy for others to appropriate your concepts and imagery. How is this a benefit?

Digital cameras & Photoshop can take your work and let you rework (re-purpose) it for other uses; cards, calendars and the like. Let you build studies for future pieces out of snippets and scans.

New technology has helped each of us in our own way to be more aware, to be able to record and call up things we can use (for art or otherwise). Some artists use digital photography, others can use data bases, and still others use texting and weblogs.

But what about the human factor? Sure most Buyers are drawn to your imagery and style, but they are also drawn to you the artist. The want (need) to establish some intimacy between you two, I have said before "Buy a piece of art, buy a piece of the artist"!  

A new piece goes home with the Buyer and get hung in its place of honor. When that Buyer speaks to friends about the new piece, how important it is to tell that the Artist said "This" or "That" about the piece.  Insulating yourself from the Buyers is never a good idea, whether its using technology or not.

Your Gallery is run by knowledgable People who should be constantly monitoring the market. These People work with you to let you know what is going to appeal to the Buyers. You need to talk to them to guide you along your path to success. 

If you sell your own work, you know how much business you get from talking with People, wherever you are showing.

Technology may be useful to artists, but it shouldnt be your primary focus. And it shouldn't keep you from getting out there and  making a personal connection.

Thats the way I see it.