Dark Art Gallery Presents Artist: Morbideus Goodell
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Name: Morbideus Goodell
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About the Artist:

"Attention to detail and hidden images are more than a trend in my work, they are a compulsion. My Art manifests my Artistic Philosophy, which is: "The Magic is in the details."

My art is essentially self-taught, having been diagnosed with the disease myself in 1995, I donate a % of all money I make through the sale of my artwork to Multiple Sclerosis research and relief. I call my work "Necro-Surrealism" because Death is my favorite source of Inspiration, and the rules of reality do not apply here. Fabric my flow like liquid, shadows may be more solid than stone. It is far more important how a piece feels than how it looks, it is more to be taken in with the mind than the eyes. Relatively new in the "profession" of art, I quickly seem to have collected something of a fan base. The ones who like my art appear passionate about it, people either "get it" or they do not."