Dark Art Gallery Presents Artist: Joe Drache
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Name: Joe Drache
Email: joedrache@hotmail.com
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About the Artist:

Joe Drache is a very accomplished artist who has won many awards for his tattooing and designs. Though he is capable of drawing anything, he has developed a very unique style and an evident evil presence in most of his work. Anyone who has seen a Drache piece can easily identify any others. Originally from Virginia, he now hails from Ukiah California. He is exceptionally skilled in many mediums including drawing, painting, game design, illustration, and most recently, screenplay. His name is growing fast in the world of tattoo along with his distinguishable tattoo designs.

For more of his work see www.underbellyusa.com , or see his tattoo work at joedrachekicksass.com or you can purchase individual tattoo designs at flash2xs.com/  and at tattoofinder.com  Once on these sites click on the search link (advanced search at tattoofinder) and use the alias Joe Butt to see all of his designs.