Dark Art Gallery Presents Artist: Jody Wells
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Name: Jody Wells
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About the Artist: Hailing from the Carolinas, Iíve recently transplanted myself to Ukiah, California where I work at Accent Tattoo and Piercing as an artist. Iíve drawn for as long as I can remember and started painting with aerosol around 1993 which later developed into oil and acrylic.

My influences are derived from the pages of graphic geek books, the almighty boom-bap spoken consciously, defiance and unity, our mother that gives us air to breathe to disasters to disease, the material beast, contemplative pigments that reflect from the sub-dermal, the paths of the soul taken often or not and a little boy named Marley Jaeden.

I hope people like my work but if not Iíll make it anyway.

Jody -Dissent Ink- Wells