Dark Art Gallery Presents Artist: Adriano Monteiro
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Name: Adriano Monteiro
Email: goetiafineart@hotmail.com
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About the Artist: Adriano Monteiro was born in May, 1973. He enrolled in art courses from ten years old, but the bulk of his training has come through self-education . Most of his techniques were developed by himself as well. His unique and singular style is seen in the EROTOPIA series, a collection inspired by famous fairytales. EROTOPIA brings together surrealism and eroticism (eroto-surrealism), saturnine and lunar magic and mythological elements. . . to recreate fairytales images that are bizarre, sinister and super-realistic in their beauty. His DEMONA LILITA is a parody of the famous masterpiece Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Adriano Monteiro lives with his woman and family among many "odd" books, music, images and "freakish" ideas. His art production takes place at his Goetia Fine Art studio. In addition to his surrealism, eroto-surrealism, bizarrism, gothicism, visionary art and magic themes, Adriano does made-to-order art, portraits and illustrations for CD's, books and magazines.